Upholstery cleaning in San Bernardino

San Bernardino Carpet and Flooring knows that every home’s upholstery is essential and must be cleaned with a lot of care. These are beautiful items that enhance every space, and their value cannot be underestimated. They must be clean all the time and well maintained. Whether your upholstery has stains or spills, we wash your carpet and regain its original color.

Our cleaning products and equipment can handle all upholstery from white stained with crayons or you delicate coverings with nail polish and lipstick marks; San Bernardino Carpet and Flooring have the ultimate San Bernardino Carpet and Flooring solutions. Unlike some upholstery cleaners who remove stains manually and end up tearing the fabric, we use methods that leave your upholstery spotless but still firm.


You should not trust the wrong people; let San Bernardino Carpet and Flooring handle your upholstery. We offer deep cleaning for upholstered furniture and other services such as carpet cleaning and move-out cleaning services.

Why Is San Bernardino Carpet And Flooring Different In Upholstery Cleaning?

If you are looking for upholstery cleaning in San Bernardino, we should be your top choice because we go beyond removing stains. Our other services include freshening your upholstery set and making it look new. Nothing gives your home a transformation like spotless and fresh-smelling upholstery. We are specialists and always do an exceptional job. Besides, we offer onsite services when requested, especially for heavy furniture pieces. These services are available in San Bernardino and areas not more than 20 km from the city.

upholstery cleaning in San Bernardino

Importance of upholstery cleaning.

Upholstery cleaning keeps your upholstery looking new all the time. Professional upholstery cleaning near me should help maintain a great appearance of your sofas and other upholstered furniture pieces. Regular cleaning prevents grime and dirt from accumulating. 


Upholstery keeps your family healthy. This is one of the most significant benefits of looking for upholstery cleaning services. Mold, bacteria, and fleas can make your upholstery uncomfortable and smelly. Only regular cleaning done correctly can help you get rid of them and improve your home’s air quality. 


Cleaning your furniture increases its lifespan. You can save a lot of money spent to buy furniture after every several months when your pieces start looking old, dirty, and worn out. Sometimes, all that your furniture needs is a professional cleaning service.

San Bernardino is the best.

We would like to tell you how good we are, but we prefer our services to do the talking. At San Bernardino Carpet and Flooring, we use the latest technology and equipment. Our technicians are skilled and handle all upholstery cleaning projects with utmost care. Through often cleaning of upholstery, you keep your home safe from allergens and mites. You should have them cleaned regularly. If you have kids or pets, clean them at least once. This will ensure you enjoy healthy living, but only when done by professionals. Call us any day of the week at 909) 301-4402. You can also visit our office; the address is San Bernardino, California.