Move Out Cleaning in San Bernardino

Moving has never been easy, and having to ensure you clean your old house doesn’t make things better. Instead of struggling with all tasks alone, allow us, San Bernardino Carpet and Flooring, to offer a hand. We will do the hard work for you as you concentrate on moving into your new house. The best thing about our move-out cleaning service is that we will customize it to fit your needs.

You tell us the cleaning you are looking forward to, and we assess the size of your property before we give you a quote. Our estimates are free, and you should worry about some hidden costs. Our team members are trained experts, and you can trust us to clean thoroughly without your supervision. We work on every project with a lot of zeal regardless of its size.

move out cleaning in San Bernardino

Move out cleaning

Sometimes a thorough cleaning when moving out is stated in a sale or lease agreement. This makes it an essential step to ensure you get your initial deposit if you live in a rental property. To have the job done perfectly, you should hire professionals. We offer to move out cleaning services in San Bernardino and areas within 20 km of the city. Our services assure you the following:

  • We clean to your satisfaction 
  • We clean every part of the agreed property
  • We are punctual and try to be done fast without compromising the quality of work. 
  • Our cleaning products are high quality and environmentally friendly
  • Every person in our team is certified and insured

What Do We Do For You During Move Out Cleaning?

Our standard cleaning services include washing every space in your house. We deep clean areas such as drawers, countertops, cabinets, and appliances, along with other parts of the house. In short, we are cleaning everything including doors, and pay extra attention to areas that experience heavy traffic like the bathrooms and kitchen surfaces. We also sanitize them and leave the whole house spotlessly clean. It takes several hours to do the work depending on the size and how dirty the place is. We are the best move out cleaning company in San Bernardino. You can check how much it will cost and the time it will take to clean your house. We are a call away, or you can visit our office for a free estimate 


Moving is out is tiresome, and you have to deal with many things at the same time. However, you can spare yourself the stress that comes with this process by getting a move in move out cleaning services from us. We are trained and insure, plus we use quality products that will not affect your former home’s surfaces and air quality. Move out cleaning should not be a headache to you; we handle every job with energy, experience, and the right equipment.

Our phone number is (909) 301-4402, and our address is San Bernardino, California. Our customer support team is always happy to help you or give you a free quote. Feel free to contact us.